What They Say About Us

Angelina Kanellopoulou


Simon is VERY fun to be around, both underwater and on dry land! He is friendly, supportive and very helpful always giving useful and gentle feedback.

Thanks for teaching me so many things Si and got me comfortable around video gear and editing in no time!

Frederik Ernst


We had some very amazing dives and Simon always managed to find very cool stuff to film for me. Was good fun to be on the boat and in the classroom as well. He was always very patient and helpful and I learned a lot of very useful skills both about filming and editing. Besides the use for my project I ended the course with a handful of unexpected beautiful and funky underwater videos and a new hobby in the field of diving. Thanks for that.

Jamie Butler - UK

Learning to dive was one of the best experiences of my life, It became even more so when I learned underwater videography with Simon, he was so knowledgeable and fun which made me feel right at home! I learned so much all because of his easy and professional way of teaching, I now see the underwater world in a completely different way!

Simon Patrick Judge - UK

I was a student of Simon Richardson over the course of a month during February/March 2013 where I cut two showreels and a ten-minute documentary under his tutelage. As a TV Producer/Director with over 10 years experience, I was used to shooting a camera on land, but never underwater before.He immediately put me at ease and showed that he was obviously a very skilled teacher, the proof was that my footage improved on a dive-by-dive basis, which I found incredibly rewarding.As a dive buddy Simon was always safety conscious, professional and attentive.

Under the water his instructions are very easy to understand and he has the magic touch when it comes to finding creatures for the perfect shot.

Back on land editing was not my strong point, but Simon was patient and helpful providing the right kind of guidance where it was needed. I grew in confidence and I was delighted with the films Simon and I produced. I regard him with the highest respect both as an instructor and an underwater filmmaker.

Pauline has an infectious personality and lust for life matched only by her love of diving, filming, editing and interacting with divers and wildlife. You will not find more fun French girl in South East Asia! Her films are of an excellent quality and give you a fantastic memory to take home.”


Simon is an awesome instructor! It was great fun learning videography from him. He’s professional in teaching and makes everything real simple! I really enjoyed videography with him

Sylvia Yao - Singapore

Tyler Terhall - USA

Having Simon as a teacher was an awesome experience. I had studied film at a university but had never been diving with a camera. He gave me advice and showed me techniques and I realized quickly that he knew what he was doing. He has the ability to teach anyone (whether you have film making experience or you don’t), you will learn a lot. I improved so much every day i dove, not just in my underwater camera operating skills but also as an editor. I had a blast hanging out with him and obtaining the information that he had to offer. I’d recommend his course to anyone interested in underwater filmmaking.He’s also quite hilarious.”

Tenille Collard - USA

Simon was a great instructor. He’s very knowledgeable and VERY patient. At the time I took the underwater videography course, I was one of two students. The other student had just graduated film school and I was the polar opposite, with my computer knowledge being almost nil. Simon was able to tailor the training to fit both our skill levels, give encouragement when needed, and we had so much fun! I’d recommend his course for anyone looking to improve their skills and gain more knowledge or to learn anew. It was such an amazing experience I’m considering doing another training with him!”