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Fisheye Underwater Productions started in 2015 with Simon (Leeds, England) & Pauline (Switzerland/France). Fresh from living and working in the diving industry of Thailand, they set out to start their own company in the beautiful setting of the Philippines.

After researching different places they decided on the healthy reefs of Bacuit Bay and the small town of El Nido. They settle and start their underwater productions company providing underwater photography services to dive centers.

After the office was built, Fisheye could start teaching the Pro Underwater Videography courses. The students started arriving, learning with Simon how to film professional level video during a 2 week course filming turtles, jacks, seahorses and ALL the amazing animals we can find in our local reefs.

When demand started growing for underwater photography, so did the team of Fisheye Photographers. Offering opportunities to both local divemasters and talented divers/photographers. 

This was the beginning of the “Fisheye Family” a team of young and passionate people working under the water providing tourists and dive centers great images and videos, helping promote the amazing underwater world of El Nido.

Fisheye understands the importance of protecting marine areas and have a strong stand on helping organize beach cleanups and underwater cleanups and trying to educate all visitors of the bay on the correct way to act around the fragile ecosystem.

Next for Fisheye was Fisheye The Shop & Rooms.

Fisheye The Rooms offer options of a studio apartment or luxury en-suite rooms based in the very center of El Nido, set back from the road with a garden area it’s a little quiet corner you can call home from home whilst being very close to everything!

Fisheye The Shop’s mission is to find local talents from all around the Philippines to fill the boutique souvenir and memorabilia shop. With a very strong ocean theme  (as that’s what we love!)

Visitors/divers/surfers/island hoppers can find a unique and fresh item actually made in the Philippines to take home as a gift or as a memory of their trip.

Fisheye The Shop & Rooms is a labor of love from both Pauline & Simon and our amazing shop & rooms staff. Providing eco-friendly products as well as helping guests getting the most out of their trip here in El Nido.

If you decide to visit El Nido, feel free to come say hello in the shop! And maybe even have a browse around..

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon!

Fisheye Family