Video Courses

  • We are based in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, a truly beautiful setting and top diving destination. Your dives will be based around the many tropical islands outside of Bacuit bay. 
  • We provide professional 4K video cameras and Nauticam housings (see equipment) and also a computer system for learning editing practices.
  • All our courses are sanctioned by PADI. Therefore,  at the end of the course you will receive an official PADI certification card.

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Pro Underwater Videographer course

This 15 day course starts from the beginning and keeps adding skills whilst you get used to diving with a camera. After every day of diving we create a 3 minute movie of your footage. As your skill set gets bigger, your videos get better! By the end of the 21 dives, you will have the foundation knowledge to film your own professional short movies.
To complete the course you will also create a showreel to show off your best shots to friends, family and potential employers. This course is solely about filming techniques, editing practices and filming the ocean and its life.

After this 15 day course you will have two options:

Short Documentary Underwater Videographer

What we hear most from people doing these courses is that they’ve seen BBC or National Geographic type documentaries and want to know how to film the world under the waves. After completing the Pro Underwater Videographer, you will use your new skills and 12 open water dives to find a certain species / behaviour / area of interest and do research into it whilst planning dives to go and film it. By the end of this 10 day course, you will have a personalised 4 – 6 minute underwater documentary with music and voice over narration (get practising your David Attenborough voices).

Dive Center Photographer Internship

This internship is perfect for someone looking for work in the diving industry whilst carrying on their underwater filming. As a Fisheye team member, you will master all the basics to work as one of our underwater photographers on our dive center partner boats. The skills you will learn include editing on photoshop, taking pictures of customers diving and of marine life, selling your product.

This is an intense internship : your editing needs to be fast as the normal schedule of working in a dive centre is shoot in the morning, edit in the afternoon and sell to the customers in the evening. The minimum qualification for this course is Divemaster. Covering local dive centers with us, you will work under the supervision of a mentor. Please note that there is no certification for this internship.

This internship is only available when we have free work position at Fisheye. Please enquire for more details.

video course


In a calm and sandy confines area, you will learn how to perfect your buoyancy skills with differing techniques, getting you ready to film above reefs and fragile ecosystems.


Smooth shots are difficult to master. Throughout the course, you will be given feedback on how to improve your shots.

video course
video course


El Nido’s Bacuit Bay is home to a wide array of marine life. Turtles are always a favourite and their population is thriving. Enjoy the pristine reefs all around El Nido.


Depending on the season and the water temperature, El Nido can impress even the most experienced diver.

Macro season can be host to such highlights as frogfish, ghost pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish, seahorses, mantis shrimp, sea moths, nudibranch (all year round) and much more!

video course
video course


You have to be lucky, but keep your eyes into the open blue and you may find ‘big’ characters such as manta rays, devil rays, eagle rays, black tip reef sharks and whale sharks !!


We use the boat of Submariner Dive Center which is one of the biggest dive boats in El Nido. Warm and welcoming staff, great food and a lot of room to walk around and enjoy the 360 degree view.

video course


El Nido is famous for diving and ‘Island hopping’. During your course, you will see many of the highlights of these island tours as we dive in some of the most impressive landscapes that the Philippines has to offer.


There are multiple world class beaches to visit, some zip lining. Explore the coastline by paddle board or kayak. Hire a bike and find the waterfalls and the infamous Nacpan Beach. Many cafes and restaurants are in town and new ones are popping up regularly. You can choose from local Filipino, Italian, Mexican, french… ‘Late night’ night life is limited but there are many great bars to choose from to watch the sunset with friends. (Anyway you will be tired from the course!).

video course

Sample Showreels from our past students.  All shot in just 2 weeks.

A showreel is a visual portfolio showing people the different skills you have filming underwater

Liane Tschumi Showreel

Charlotte Vis Showreel

Simone Wenger Showreel