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Fisheye is a company capable of sending out an experienced camera team to locations spread across the Philippines and Asia.

They can be used either as a subcontracted camera team or as a full production house, the latter performing everything from planning the shoot to final edit.

The team is capable of both over and underwater camera work to a professional standard.

If you do not have a specific theme in mind yet for your video, you can still contact us and we can respond with some ideas for you to work with and choose from.

As an experienced team of camera operators and creative thinkers we at Fisheye can help you promote whatever you are trying to sell, be it a specific item, a service, or a hotel / dive centre.

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Dugong Shoot Busuanga - 3 days

Hired by a Japanese Travel Television program Fisheye was commissioned to film the presenter of the show with the elusive and very shy Dugongs of busuanga.

Over a 3 day shoot we managed to film the presenter with the dugong itself and other marine life that the area had to offer. A difficult mission as these animals are very very shy.

We were not given the actual television program but here is a short video made from said footage.

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Born to be Wild GMA 7 - 3 days

Fisheye was hired by GMA (Popular Filipino Television Channel) for the filming of underwater footage for the popular show Born to Be Wild, featuring presenter “Doc. Ferds” as he explored the underwater wrecks of Coron as well as the marine life discovered during the 3 day shoot.