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Promotional Content

In the constantly improving world of the internet, a promotional video of your company will make the difference between a potential customer choosing you over a competitor. Our professionally filmed and edited promotional videos give your customers the opportunity to see your services, facilities and the beautiful surroundings of your business.

With our equipment and skill set we can offer video for all kinds of settings, indoor or outdoor. We also provide specialised video including underwater and aerial videography.

Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Sulubaii Restoration Festival:

Sulubaaï Environment Foundation is a Philippine-based non-profit organization dedicated to conserve, protect, and restore the natural resources of Palawan.

On the small island of Pangatalan, The Sulubaii Foundation held its first Restoration Festival. Installing man made structures underwater to help the local corals grow and thrive.

This video was made to promote and explain the workings of the foundation and to spread the news of the festival.

Shot over the 3 days of the festival.

Amandira Yacht

The beautiful and luxurious Amandira Yacht. A hand crafted traditional Phinisi vessel that combines the ancient romance of the spice trade with cutting edge contemporary amenities.

Fisheye was commissioned for multiple shoots during their different trips. The mission of the videos was to show the boat and the luxurious settings that Amandira offer to their guests as well as some highlight underwater video.

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  • The boat was launched in 2015 and we were there for one of its very first trips around the beautiful Komodo National Park (9 days).
  • Eastern Indonesia and the area between Bali to Papua is also known as “The Ring Of Fire”. With many volcanoes in the area the volcanic activity has created some truly unique underwater seascapes and perfect conditions for marine life to thrive (14 days)
  • Raja Ampat is a collection of jungle covered islands, an archipelago off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papau. It is well known for its scenery, beaches and reefs which are thriving. (8 days)
  • Indonesia’s “forgotten Islands” are a chain of archipelagos stretching from Timor to West Papua situated at the south of the Banda Sea, they have been named “forgotten’ as they are far from populated areas and largely isolated from the rest of Indonesia and the world. (9 days)
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Raja Ampat

The Ring of Fire

Dive Careers Philippines

Mark Soworka and his Dive-Careers Worldwide Team is the most successful PADI instructor and Dive master internship network.

Offering professional level dive courses in multiple locations all around the world.

Fisheye were commissioned to make a promotional video for the Philippine section of Dive Careers. To show the great locations offered, wonderful learning conditions available and of course the fantastic marine life that can be found in the Philippines.

Shot in 2018 over the period of 4 days.

A Chat With AJ and Chris

A promotional interview for Dive Careers with two of the candidates that completed the IDC in El Nido.

Highlighting for potential future candidates why they chose the Philippines and what is so great about the country/diving here.

Deep Blue Seafari IDC

Deep Blue Dive Seafari is a 5 star Instructor Development Centre based in El Nido.

We were commissioned to shoot a 3 minute promotional video featuring some of the candidates who completed the IDC.

The video is to promote Deep Blue Seafari’s equipment, boat, staff and amazing locations on offer for the IDC. Aimed towards people researching IDCs around the world, to show the beauty and professionalism offered by the Dive Centre.