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Diving in El Nido

Good day, tip of the cap to you, this is Simon one of the owners of Fisheye Underwater Productions and honestly, one of the biggest fans of diving in El Nido.

I recently learnt how to make the little art work in a latte coffee and was surprisingly happy with myself, I have always been amazed in how they do it, a skill I respected, and wanted to know how, but never thought I would need it for my career in underwater photography and video.

But here we are, me working in a friends amazing cafe back in the UK, remembering not to take off my face mask to excitedly tell the customer that their take away latte has my first ever successful “leaf” on it!!.
They probably don’t care, and rightly so. As i watch them drink away my beautiful, mind blowing artwork i think; that’s ok, the victory was for me, and that’s all that counts.

These are the times we live in. A time where we learn new skills to try and “Keep Calm and Carry On” as we English famously said.

We have to take the little victories in our day to keep going until things get back to normal. To make plans for the future, cross those fingers and knock on that wood.

As most international tourism /travel has come to a stand still a lot of people (especially the diving industry) find themselves in situations they don’t really want to be in.

As I showed a co-worker a picture of a turtle from our social media, she asked me if he was “still there”.

This got me thinking (and smiling). Thinking of diving in El Nido, and of all the animals that we love to see and share some valuable underwater time with, that they are still under the surface..waiting for us to come back.

The turtles of Helicopter island are still eating the seagrass.
The Barracuda and Yellow Snappers are still hanging out at the Cabbage Coral field of South Miniloc.
The Bump head Parrotfish are still manoeuvring around the rock formations of Paglugaban.
The Octopus are still hiding & the batfish are still being cleaned on the table corals of North Rock
The Lionfish tree is still there on the deep reef of NatNat
and the Nudibranch of Paradise Beach are still chillin, waiting, wishing.

All we have to do is wait a bit longer and we can see them again soon!!
Here’s to hoping!

Disclaimer: If you have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to the aquatic life that El Nido has to offer. Then please keep your eyes open for new blogs. Where I will be going into much more detail about some of these underwater legends.

There are also some video examples right here.

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Many thanks and stay safe

Simon J Richardson & The Fisheye Team

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