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el nido

El Nido has a wide array of dive sites and animals to find whilst diving. We at Fisheye are in the water all year round so we though we would give you a little summary of highlights and condition type reports on the diving in El Nido.


Just a handful of photos to sum up the week:

Feeding fish at Paglugaban

Plankton season is slowly creeping in.. the water is also slowly getting colder, but that means more big fish and also macro!

Here is a group of long jawed mackerel enjoying the buffet of plankton in-between the rock formations of Paglugaban.

el nido

Turtle at dilumacad

Everybody loves a turtle and recently at dilumacad (aka Helicopter) island there has been many in the shallow reefs feeding on the corals and resting under rocks. New divers have the opportunity to see turtles on their very first dives! Lucky lucky people..

el nido

Frogfish at West Entalula

Caro had the fortune of finding the first Frogfish of the season! Found around 14m in the reef area before the famous West Entalula wall. We can’t wait to find more around bacuit bay!

el nido

Hello Mr Strapweed Filefish!

A unique experience getting close to these normally shy Filefish, one of the smaller of the family these little fellas can be found hovering near soft corals, swaying in the current.

el nido

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