Underwater video : The Liberty Wreck

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The liberty wreck

Indonesia is full of amazing dive locations : Komodo islands, Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Nusa Lembogan, Lombok… One of them, in northern Bali, is unmissable : The Liberty Wreck of Tulamben.

This World War II ship was torpedoed by a japanese submarine in 1942 and beached in Tulamben. In 1963, Mount Agung, the volcano overlooking the beach, errupted. The lava crawled down the mountain and slowly brought the Liberty wreck to its current depth.

Nowadays, the wreck still sleeps in Tulamben’s waters on the dark sand. 40 meters at its maximum depth to 5 meters at the top, the sunken ship has been covered by many different corals and marine life. Bumphead parrot fish, sweetlips, great barracudas and turtles set up home in-between the metal formations.

On our way to a promotional shooting in Komodo Island, we stopped in Tulamben to admire the Liberty. Check out our video and gallery.

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