El Nido: What you might see underwater

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El Nido’s Bacuit Bay is one of the Philippines richest and most beautiful marine areas.During your course you can encounter many species and dive multiple different dive sites with a wide array of coral types.

South Miniloc is one of our highlight dives with a beautiful school of yellow snapper gathering over cabbage corals. At North Rock you can see the majestic school of jacks hunting glass fish and Abdeen’s Reef has some beautifully untouched corals where you can film the local cuttlefish.

All year round you have a good chance to see turtles, different types too like the green and hawksbill turtles. When the waters are cooler, El Nido hosts different species of ghost pipe fish like the ornate, robust and alameda.

In some of the ‘confined areas’ which are mainly used to teach new divers skills in the sand, you can find some amazing macro life, seahorses, frogfish, shrimps galore and if your very lucky the amazing flamboyant cuttlefish and mimic octopus!

The diversity of life in Bacuit bay is fantastic, with even the local dive professionals finding life they haven’t seen before after years of diving here.

During your course you will learn how to film the beautiful coral landscapes with a smooth ‘travel shot’, how to ‘scene’ characters of the underwater world like the turtle and how to manually focus on the tiny critters of the macro world like the frogfish. All these skills will be combined into professionally edited short movies set to music. With the skills learnt during this course you can look forward to documenting the rest of your dives wherever you go in a professional manner.

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